Why I wont be buying another android handset…

Why I wont be buying another android handset… direct from the manufacturer again. With Google selling handsets which always carry the cutting edge of android tech and receive OTA updates, being stuck with a manufacturers vision of android ala sense or motoblur while the main platform moves on is just plain unappealing. As a Hero owner it’s happened once already that we missed a platform update, and as Froyo is being frosted as we wait for HTC to bring us Eclair we’re going to be a build behind again.

Brian Swetland, Android’s Kernel guru mentioned that Gingerbread has been chosen as the name for the build following Froyo, meaning work for it is being planned, I can see Hero owners being left behind again, as will Legend etc owners, so sorry HTC as nice as sense is, I’d rather be rocking the latest build of Android than have a few nice widgets that others have copied and improved on.


quick rant

Why the **** ****etty **** **** **** does the Hero insist on losing it’s Scenes on swapping of SIMS??? I understand it dropping back to default incase it was a different user but it should still have the user defined ones available FU HTC.

Quick post while I get around to the next 5… Honest!

Strange but true fact, going to Settings / Locale and Text / Touch Input / Text Input and turning off Sound feedback and Vibrate when typing improves the responsiveness of typing on the Hero.

Hopefully HTC are aware of this and improve it when the finally release an update for the Hero, which will hopefully be this side of Armageddon.

The problem with Text Messaging on the Hero pt.2

Ok I’ll admit I’ve slacked off a bit… Well ok ALOT, but I’m still living with my HTC Hero, and I’m still bugged with the complete lack of foresight by HTC to time stamp text messages, there are fortunately alternatives to HTC’s SMS solution. Continue reading

Missed Calls grrrrrr

Ok I missed a call this evening, when my phone was just next to me, kind of annoyed I then rang myself with my other phone and found after taking in network connection times I have ~10 seconds to answer! WTF! Continue reading

Easy market access

Another short post today :-

If like me you find searching the Android market from the handset a chore, help is at hand in the form of http://www.cyrket.com/ yes search from the luxury of your PC, but can I suggest before going you take one last venture into the market from the handset to download Barcode Scanner by ZXin Team as this will make using Cyrket even easier as you can just scan the QR barcode from your monitor and get the app that way.

Pro Tip :- Gmail failing to sync

Ok I recently had an issue with gmail not syncing, I was getting notified of new emails but the app was refusing to load any new email, tho it showed that there was new messages for me.

A quick browse to Settings / Data Synchronization / Google showed a red exclamation mark with the message ‘Sync is experiencing probles, it’ll be back soon’ I left it for 6hrs and it didn’t improve.

I resolved the problem by going to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Gmail and clicked ‘clear data’

Open Gmail, pres Menu, then refresh Gmail starts to resync and all was good in the world. 😀

Hope this helps some ppl