App review : My Tracks

My Tracks is possibly crack cocaine for fitness freaks and geeks alike, it isn’t flashy, doesn’t do anything special it just tracks routes that you take while you exercise (it assumes exercise but you could use it to see what someone did that day if you turned it on for them… Just saying). So why is it like cocaine you ask? Well it’s because those geeks at Google (my tracks being a 20% project) have packed the app full of stats!

stats of my bike ride to work

stats of my bike ride to work

As you can see there are figures galore, distances, speeds everything that a geek could want to get from a phone all worked out from the GPS, and for the fitness freak, targets to aim for and improve upon, the app is even polite enough to offer to upload the details to Google Docs, which by the looks of it allows you to separate data via the activity not by the route (something that would be cooler imho) but anyway here’s a grab of the Docs format :-

Stats for my bike rides
Stats for my bike rides

As you can see my route to work is shorter and a fair bit quicker (mainly cos it’s downhill… mostly) the route I take home is more scenic route and a less steep incline back up to my hilltop residence, anyway I’m loving this app, just as I can get a proper look at how I improve as I ride to work more frequently or the opposite as the weather degrades 😀

To Install Manually:

  1. Go to the “Market” on your Android phone
  2. Select “Search”
  3. Enter “my tracks” in the search field
  4. Once you’ve found the My Tracks application, select it to install
  5. Follow the installation instructions

Or if you have Barcode Scanner:

1. Scan this :-

QR barcode

Link to My Tracks on the Market


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