The problem with Text Messaging on the Hero

So it’s time to air a grievance I have with the HTC Hero, one that has bugged me since I have had the handset, it doesn’t time stamp a text message after a few hours, for someone who needs to know when a message came through it’s a complete nightmare, especially after the care that HTC have lavished on the call history as shown in the images below :-

view contact details

view contact details

call details per contact.

call details per contact.

As you can see for the call history you can view each call, how many days ago the call was made / received, and at what time the call was made (also the duration), this is excellent as you get to refer back and see when you made plans etc.

Now compare that to the Message Centre :-

Once you get to the message details all you see is the date the message was received on, which is actually shown in the message, the only extra detail that gets added is the number it came from, but who really cares about that when the number is in your contacts?

Perhaps my role is a bit odd in that it requires things like that to be noted, but when the Hero does everything else so (almost) right this seems a huge oversight.


7 responses to “The problem with Text Messaging on the Hero

  1. GruntledHTC owner

    I have the same issue, WTF!!!! It drives me mad, i need to know the exact date/time!

  2. Has there been a fix for this?

  3. Not as yet, see my latest post for possible solutions.

  4. I have been completely frustrated by the same issue! Please let me know if/when there is a fix. I am on the verge of switching to an iPhone just because of this (and ATT’s new $69 unlimited calling).

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