Missed Calls grrrrrr

Ok I missed a call this evening, when my phone was just next to me, kind of annoyed I then rang myself with my other phone and found after taking in network connection times I have ~10 seconds to answer! WTF!

Anyway I went perusing the handset settings and couldn’t find anything to change it (did find under Call Settings / Call Forwarding the number that I needed for the following guide), anyway not settling for that I did a search for a solution and stumbled onto this guide over at IluvAndroid which I tried and it worked so I’ve copied here :-

This is a guide to easily change the time before your mobile diverts the call to voicemail from anything from 5 to 30 seconds.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter *#61*11# and press Send/Talk on your phone.
  2. Write down the number your calls are currently forwarded to. This is your voicemail deposit number.
  3. Decide how long you want the phone to ring in 5 second intervals. The maximum time is 30 seconds. I have mine set at 25 seconds.
  4. Now enter **61*[number from step 2]*11*[number from step 3, use 2 digits]# and press Send/Talk.

Example**61*441234567890*11*25#     Then press Send/Talk

This will now change your default ring time before voicemail answers to 25 seconds. To test if it was successful, enter *#61*11# and press Send/Talk for the new value.

So thanks to the guys over at IluvAndroid for this pro tip! I’m sure popping over there you’ll find more cool Android related news and features.


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