Why I wont be buying another android handset…

Why I wont be buying another android handset… direct from the manufacturer again. With Google selling handsets which always carry the cutting edge of android tech and receive OTA updates, being stuck with a manufacturers vision of android ala sense or motoblur while the main platform moves on is just plain unappealing. As a Hero owner it’s happened once already that we missed a platform update, and as Froyo is being frosted as we wait for HTC to bring us Eclair we’re going to be a build behind again.

Brian Swetland, Android’s Kernel guru mentioned that Gingerbread has been chosen as the name for the build following Froyo, meaning work for it is being planned, I can see Hero owners being left behind again, as will Legend etc owners, so sorry HTC as nice as sense is, I’d rather be rocking the latest build of Android than have a few nice widgets that others have copied and improved on.


4 responses to “Why I wont be buying another android handset…

  1. That just mean u wont be buying another device with a custom rom… thats exactly why i refuse to buy something else than a google experiense device

    • oh so the g1/g2 have both been updated past 1.5? nope… though there is some hope for the g2 i hear. Google has left those devices on the side even though they are google experience devices, only handsets direct from Google will get decent support OS wise.

  2. I have Hero as well and have the same opinion. I love the phone, but still waiting for an update that was announced more than 2 months ago is pain in the ass.

    • I have a feeling that HTC will announce the release date next week at the Mobile World Congress, and that it’ll be the middle of March…

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