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Missed Calls grrrrrr

Ok I missed a call this evening, when my phone was just next to me, kind of annoyed I then rang myself with my other phone and found after taking in network connection times I have ~10 seconds to answer! WTF! Continue reading


Pro Tip :- Gmail failing to sync

Ok I recently had an issue with gmail not syncing, I was getting notified of new emails but the app was refusing to load any new email, tho it showed that there was new messages for me.

A quick browse to Settings / Data Synchronization / Google showed a red exclamation mark with the message ‘Sync is experiencing probles, it’ll be back soon’ I left it for 6hrs and it didn’t improve.

I resolved the problem by going to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Gmail and clicked ‘clear data’

Open Gmail, pres Menu, then refresh Gmail starts to resync and all was good in the world. 😀

Hope this helps some ppl

A quick brief

So it’s been a month since the release of the HTC Hero, and overall it recieved a positive vibe, but with comments such as ‘Tragically flawed’ because of the Sense interface suffering from lag (which was quite harsh it didn’t make the phone unuseable and there are definately other flaws that are worse), I thought I’d start writing about my experiences with the handset.

This is going to be my little corner of the intarwebs to talk about the Hero and android in general, it’s not going to be updated on a daily basis as I’m far to lazy for that but it will recieve regular updates as I find things I like and things I’m not so happy about with the Hero.

I may even find the time to write up reviews of apps that I install, and reasons why I have them installed, and perhaps some tips and tricks I’ve found out about during my time with the Hero.