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Pro Tip :- Gmail failing to sync

Ok I recently had an issue with gmail not syncing, I was getting notified of new emails but the app was refusing to load any new email, tho it showed that there was new messages for me.

A quick browse to Settings / Data Synchronization / Google showed a red exclamation mark with the message ‘Sync is experiencing probles, it’ll be back soon’ I left it for 6hrs and it didn’t improve.

I resolved the problem by going to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Gmail and clicked ‘clear data’

Open Gmail, pres Menu, then refresh Gmail starts to resync and all was good in the world. 😀

Hope this helps some ppl


The problem with Text Messaging on the Hero

So it’s time to air a grievance I have with the HTC Hero, one that has bugged me since I have had the handset, it doesn’t time stamp a text message after a few hours, for someone who needs to know when a message came through it’s a complete nightmare, especially after the care that HTC have lavished on the call history as shown in the images below :-

view contact details

view contact details

call details per contact.

call details per contact.

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